Anglican1000 Live-blogs and Today’s Agenda

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Here are my live-blogs from yesterday’s plenary at Anglican1000 including Fr. Roseberry’s talk. Today I’ll be live-blogging the second and third plenaries featuring talks by David Taylor and Mike Breen and hopefully I’ll be able to live blog Scot McKnight’s sermon at the Eucharist this evening. I had a chance to read McKnight’s book, “The King Jesus Gospel” on the flight down (since we were in planes for a total of 9 hours or so). It was a good book and very helpful in identifying some negative trends in evangelicalism, namely the focus on producing individual “decisions” for Christ rather than making disciples of Christ. I do however, agree with Michael Horton’s review of The King Jesus Gospel. Scot McKnight’s critique of John Piper and the “new Calvinism” is uninformed to say the least and by drawing too sharp a distinction between Justification by Faith and the good news that Jesus has fulfilled Israel’s God-given mission, he risks dividing what God has joined together. All the same, it was a good book that helpfully forces readers to rethink the nature of the gospel and it’s presentation. So I’d encourage you to pick up a copy.

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