Jackie on March 3rd, 2015

On February 25th, the Department published its final rule on the definition of spouse under FMLA and incorporated all material changes proposed under the NPRM. The final rule amends the regulatory definition of spouse under FMLA to include all individuals in legal marriages, regardless of where they live. More specifically, the definition of spouse is now a husband or wife as defined or recognized in the State where the individual was married (“place of celebration”), and specifically includes individuals in same-sex and common law marriages. The revised regulatory definition of spouse encompasses a husband or wife in a common law marriage as long as the common law marriage was validly entered into in a State that permits the formation of common law marriages, regardless of the State in which the employee currently resides. The final rule also defines spouse to include a husband or wife in a marriage that was validly entered into outside of the United States if it could have been entered into in at least one State.

You can read the entire article here.

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Jill on March 3rd, 2015


by Margaret Brown. From Church of England Newspaper.

[Editor’s Note: Margaret was an active member of General Synod from 1985-2005, and during that time founded and chaired the Third Province Movement. She has always spoken on behalf of ordinary, godly men and women, often elderly, often voiceless, faithfully praying and serving in their local churches but dismayed at the Church of England’s apparent departure from biblical truth and its own formularies.]

I feel compelled to write this paper because, like me, so many people are absolutely appalled and distraught about our beloved Church of England, which has become nothing short of apostate. For far too long, the Church has been lacking in authority, teaching and discipline. I plead with the hierarchy of the Church to repent before it is too late, and make the Church what Christ intended it to be – a holy church and one that is obedient to his teaching. Instead, we have a church that must break his heart. Admittedly, there are some churches where the Gospel is preached and taught, and where the Sacraments are administered faithfully, Sunday-by-Sunday, and weekday-by-weekday. However, in many churches this is not the case. Yes, God is a God of love, but he is a holy God and therefore a God of judgement too. He will not be mocked, and he calls for us to be obedient.

What sort of Church is it that allows clergy who deny belief in the Virgin Birth, the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and other tenets of the Christian faith, to remain in office? What sort of church is it that allows clergy who deny the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the one and only Saviour of the world to remain in office? What sort of church is it that only preaches and teaches a social gospel, that allows remarriage after divorce, which is adultery, that fails to teach people that living together before marriage is fornication, ie sin? It is little wonder that we have the highest divorce rate in Europe, and the highest number of unmarried mothers too. Marriage is the union of one man with one woman, to the exclusion of all others, ‘til death do them part. And what about the 9 million babies who have been killed since the Abortion Act came into force in 1967?

What sort of church is it that allows practicing homosexual clergy and divorced and remarried clergy, and even bishops, to remain in office? This is no example to the nation. How can a priest ask a young couple that he or she is marrying, to stay together ‘till death do them part’ when he or she has broken his or her own marriage vows? What sort of church is it that has gone soft on sin, for fear of offending people, that it has endeavoured to rule the devil out of the service of baptism? If parents and Godparents of children to be baptised do not understand the baptismal service and the promises to be made by Godparents, it is the duty of clergy to teach and explain what is meant by being baptised into Christ’s family, the Church.

What sort of church is it where one part believes in the revealed Word of God to his people for all time, as contained in the Holy Scriptures, while the other part considers that the Bible is subject to nterpretation and can be re-written to suit our modern age? In other words, we can make up the rules as we go along. We are told that our Lord was bound by the conventions of his day, and if he were to return now he would allow his teaching to be altered to fit in with the 21st Century. How wrong this is. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever, Hebrews 13: 8. Jesus is God incarnate. Almighty God who created the world was perfectly aware of what he was doing. He alone knows when he will bring the world to an end and the Final Judgement will take place. The Bible is God’s word to his people for all time. Holy Scripture cannot be changed, because it is eternal.

What sort of church is it that omits from the Lectionary verses from the Bible that make uncomfortable reading for some in the congregation? What sort of church is it that has scarcely any liturgy in its services, when Almighty God demands our worship? What sort of church is it that has re-ordered many churches to such an extent that, in the end, socializing seems to be more important than the worship of Almighty God?

What sort of church is it that fails to teach about death, judgement, hell and Heaven and leads people to think that we will all be saved, thereby attaining eternal life, when for many this will not be the case, unless there is repentance and amendment of life. What sort of church is it that has largely discarded the Ten Commandments from its teaching and worship? What sort of church is it that has done its best to throw out the Book of Common Prayer in favour of modern liturgies that gloss over sin and repentance? The Book of Common Prayer helped considerably to hold the Church together.

What sort of church is it that can alter the three-fold order of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, which has been male from the beginning, when we are but a small part of one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, both Eastern and Western. We now have two integrities, but the Bible teaches that every city or house divided itself shall not stand, Matthew 12:25. What sort of church is it that is obsessed with spending so much money on meetings and committees, together with unnecessary posts, when what is needed is less bureaucracy and more clergy in the parishes, who will faithfully bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a nation so in need of him?

What sort of church is it that has no sense of urgency in bringing people of other faiths to a knowledge and acceptance of the Christian faith, for it is the Lord Jesus Christ alone who can save us from our sins and give to all who believe in him and keep his commandments the gift of eternal life. Jesus said ‘I am the way, and the truth and the life, no one cometh unto the Father but by me,’ John 14:6. What sort of church is it that says the world has changed and moved on, therefore the Church must move with the world? This is not what Jesus would have said. The Church has to bring the world up to Christ’s standards, not the other way round. The Bible states ‘Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God,’ Romans 12:2.

The mission of the Church is being severely hampered by all these factors. It is little wonder that numbers in the Church of England are continuing to fall, because many people cannot see any point in going to church if the church is no better than the world. How can the Church hope to be blessed by God when it deliberately flouts the plain teaching of the Bible? To whom much is given, much is expected. We expect our Archbishops, Bishops, Priests and Deacons to teach, without compromise, the Christian faith as given by Jesus Christ and handed by him to his apostles, for this is what they are called to do. To help bring this to pass, we urgently need to start with a National Day of Prayer and Repentance. In order to achieve these things, positive action has to be taken.


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Jill on March 3rd, 2015


From gentlemind:

I have spent much of the past two years thinking and writing about mind-based legal identities. My methods are sound, but I have at times unnecessarily complicated an already complex subject. This essay sticks to the essentials, and represents my final position on the legal ideology named Gender.

Part one shows what a Gender Identity is not; part two shows what a Gender Identity is. Sexes are in lower case (male, female) with Genders given an upper case initial (Male, Female). As an example, Geoff (male-sexed and identifying as Female Gender) is denoted as male/Female. There are infinite Gender identities but I refer to only two, as this is enough to illustrate the points.

Part One: What a Gender Identity Is Not

Gender as the sex I am?

There is a good reason why a Gender Identity cannot be a sexual identity. In all things, the State knows what is what. It knows that it is not possible to change sex. There is a large crossover between people identifying as Transsexual and people identifying as Transgender, but the two names cannot represent one concept. The umbrella term Trans exacerbates the confusion by hiding their difference. Sweden is the latest country to propose making ‘Gender re-assignment’ easier. The Bill proposes that neither surgery, nor diagnosis nor psychiatric/psychological evaluation be required. For Transgender to equal Transsexual, the State would need to believe both a) that it is possible to change sex and b) that it is possible without medical intervention. It believes neither. A Gender Identity cannot be ‘the sex I am’.

Gender Identity as the sex I identify as?

Simon (male) and Geoff (male/Female) represent Transsexual and Transgender respectively. Simon says “I know I am female”. He is wrong. He thinks he knows. If Gender Identity is ‘the sex I identify as’, Geoff says “I know I am male, and I think I amfemale”. Geoff is wrong, because to think we are X is to think we know we are X. This would make Transgender equal Transsexual, and we know it does not. A Gender Identity cannot be ‘the sex I identity as’.

Read here


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Modernizing its infrastructure through a recent grant, Canterbury College in Windsor is moving to solidify an ongoing academic partnership with Huron University College. In November, the Anglican Foundation of Canada approved a $6,000 grant for Canterbury’s partnership with Huron, an affiliated college at the University of Western Ontario. The grant will help enable theology courses more »

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The area that the MNJTF will be covering draws the force’s first limit.

Military and diplomatic sources have confirmed that MNJTF soldiers will only operate between the outskirts of Niger’s Diffa border town, and the towns of Baga and Ngala in Nigeria.

In other words, the regional force’s main task will be to secure the Nigerian side of Lake Chad, which represents “only 10 to 15% of the entire area where Boko Haram operates”, according to a diplomat based in the region, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Read it all.

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Greg Griffith at Stand Firm on March 3rd, 2015

As the kids today say, “Woop woop!”:

On Monday, March 2, 2015, the 141st District Court granted our Motion for Partial Summary Judgment regarding all diocesan property, with the exception of All Saints’, Fort Worth, which Judge Chupp severed for a separate trial.

Nearly six years after we were first sued by The Episcopal Church and its local representatives, the court has confirmed the Diocese’s right to dissociate from TEC and for the Corporation to retain its property.

“We are grateful for the ruling in our favor,” said Bishop Iker. “It’s clear that both church laws and Texas laws have been rightly applied to this dispute.”

In granting our motion, the Hon. John Chupp has ruled that Bishop Iker and the duly-elected officials of the Diocese and Corporation control the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, its Corporation, all endowments and funds, and all property that has been disputed in this litigation. The ruling is binding on all parties.

The judge severed out all the claims concerning ownership of the property of All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, and this case will be heard by him at a future time. All Saints’ is the only incorporated parish in the Diocese and claims to hold title to property in its own name. In a February 20 hearing before the court, Judge Chupp strongly encouraged the leadership of All Saints’ to pursue the Canon 32 process with the Diocese, which might settle the issues without the need for a trial.

The following statements from our Motion for Partial Summary Judgment are confirmed by Judge Chupp’s order:

According to the deeds, church charters, and Texas law:

  • using neutral principles of Texas law to decide this case is not retroactive;
  • the properties at issue are owned by the Corporation;
  • the Defendant Trustees are the properly elected Trustees of the Corporation;
  • Bishop Iker is the proper chairman and a member of the Corporation’s board;
  • no express trust exists in favor of Plaintiffs (TEC);
  • no implied or constructive trust exists in favor of Plaintiffs;
  • the Defendants are not estopped to defend themselves; and
  • the Defendants properly control the funds, trusts, and endowments at issue.

As a matter of law, the Defendants are entitled to title, control, and use of all of the property at issue in this case, and such other and further relief as allowed by law.

The laity and clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth rejoice with Bishop Iker and join him in giving thanks to God for this ruling. We pray for a quick resolution to the remaining claims and disputes. We will continue to carry out the mission given us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: to win the world for Him.

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By my count, 40 of the 91 cases listed resulted in legal victories at the trial or appellate level for ECUSA; just two parish cases (All Saints and the Good Shepherd San Angelo case in Texas) went the other way, but three of the five cases involving Dioceses resulted in rulings against ECUSA. A fourth diocese case (San Joaquin) is on appeal; the fifth one (Pittsburgh) gave a victory to ECUSA on the basis of a very strained reading of the effect of a stipulation between the parties.

It is a legitimate query to ask why the results of the parish cases are so lopsided in favor of ECUSA, while the results of the diocese cases go just the other way.

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There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and, as Ysenda Maxtone Graham made clear, there needs to be a range of solutions, including greater involvement of the laity, the possibility of giving responsibility for more churches to local charities or trusts, and the setting up of ‘festival churches’, which have services only for the major festivals of the Church. We also need to see how we can make church buildings more serviceable to the wider community, so that they can be used as much as possible and not simply for Sunday worship.

For many people the presence of a church in rural England is symbolic of the nation and the rural way of life, and a source of support and comfort even for those who are not regular churchgoers. We should start with the very clear premise that the Church of England is a national church and should therefore ensure a Christian presence in every community.
–(The) Rt Hon. Canon Sir Tony Baldry, MP

Read it all.

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Sadiqu al-Mousllie sees humor as a good way to fight growing anti-Islam sentiment in Germany.

He lives in Braunschweig, in western Germany. Earlier this month, he decided to go downtown and hold up a sign that read, “I am a Moslem. What would you like to know?”

“This is a bridge of communication,” the Syrian-born German says. “Some people dared to ask, some others not, so we went to them and give them some chocolate and a say of our prophet to know what Muslims are thinking about.”

Mousllie, 44, says he hopes to do it every other week.

Read it all.

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